Centenary Celebrations

Joe Heaney’s centenaɼy

Joe Heaney was born on the 1st of October 1919. To celebrate his hundredth anniversery, the Cartlanna have drawn up a schedule to publish new items of previously unreleased archive material throughout the year.

Out of respect for native traditions, it seemed appropriate to time these releases to co-incide with dates of significance to the communities of Iorras Aithneach, the district in the west of County Galway where Joe was born and reared, and of Conamara generally. The dates chosen are Saint Patrick’s Day, Good Friday (19th April), May Day / Féile Joe Éinniú, Saint John’s Eve (23th June), Mac Dara’s Day (16th July), Ciarán’s Day (9th September) and Caillín’s Day (23rd November). It’s so that some of the new releases have textual associations that actually lend themselves to these particular dates. There might also be the odd bonus release on other dates and there will of course be a major release on the anniversary of Joe’s birthday (1st October).

We’re delighted to announce that a lot of this new material is in the form of video, a medium which has been under-represented in the Cartlanna until now.

The following is a full list of the new entries added during this very special year.

Míċeál Ó Loċlainn
Seachtain na Gaeilge 2019