Joe Heaney: Further Study

Please note: These lists refer to general publications and to material belonging to other institutions and individuals. They do not reference recordings held here in these Archives.

A great deal of information is available regarding both Joe Heaney and the tradition from which he emerged: sean-nós singing and dancing, storytelling, folklore, Gaelic culture and tradition and the culture and tradition of the Iorras Aithneach district in particular. We’re after compiling the following reference lists for anyone interested in finding out more.

Audio ⁊ video lists

The audio and video lists refer to media recordings made by Joe Heaney himself and other sean-nós singers — on record, for the radio, for television or for the Internet.

Reading lists

The reading lists contain references to written material — books, articles, essays, academic papers, newspaper articles and so on.

Selected items

Steve Coleman

‘Joe Heaney Meets the Academy’
Ar fáil ar líne ag
Irish Journal of Anthropology, 1996.
‘Joe Heaney and Style in Sean-nós Singing’
Ar fáil ar líne ag
Bias: the Local Accent in Irish Traditional Music, 1997.
‘Return From the West: a Poetics of Voice In Irish’
Ar fáil ar líne ag
A Dissertation submitted to the Faculty of the Division of the Social Sciences in candidacy for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Department of Anthropology in August 1999.
Dírítear aird léitheoirí ar Chaibidil 8 go háirithe.

Eamonn Costello

‘Sean-nós Song in the Oireachtas na Gaeilge Festival: The Aesthetics of sean-nós song through the Gaze of the Oireachtas na Gaeilge Adjudicators’
Ar fáil ar líne ag
Ethnomusicology Ireland 5, 201.

Síle Denvir

‘What is Sean-Nós Singing?’ on The Rolling Wave Podcast
Available on line on the RTÉ website.

Stephanie Ford

‘Marginalised and Emerging Identities: The Traditional Voice in Irish Contemporary Music’ in NPPSH: Dialectics Volume 1: Developing Identities in the 21st Century
Available on line on the CORE website.

Julie Henigan

Sean-nós in America: A Study of Two Singers
Ar fáil ar líne ag
A Thesis submitted to the faculty of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in the Curriculum of Folklore, 1989. Revised 1994.

Anthony Mc Cann

‘Sean-nós singing — A Bluffers Guide’ in The Living Tradition Issue 24, June/July 1998
Available on line at

Lillis Ó Laoire

‘From Galway Bay to Sydney Harbour: Joe Heaney’s Concert at the Sydney Opera House in 1981’ in Béaloideas 81 (1):170–190
Available on line on National University of Ireland’s website.
Traditional Song in Ireland: Living Fossil or Dynamic Resource?
Ar fáil ar líne ag Memorial University Libraries.
National identity and local ethnicity: The case of the Gaelic League’s Oireochlos sean-nós singing competitions
Ar fáil ar líne ag Memorial University Libraries.
‘Cartlanna Sheosaimh Uí Éanaí: The Joe Heaney Archives’
Ar fáil ar líne ag
Oral Tradition, 28/2 (2013):363–370.

Vanessa Thacker

Adapting Voices: The Musical Lifeworld of Sean-nós Singing in Carna, Ireland (PhD thesis)
Available on line at TSpace, University of Toronto.